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Under Display Camera Phone Is Here! How It Works?

Imagine a phone with a full-screen display, without any notches, pop-up sliders and in-display cutout, but still has a front-facing camera. Yes, you read it right, phones with a full-screen display are coming soon in the market. But where does the front camera will be placed? It will be placed under the display of the phone.

Phones with under display camera, the next trend in the market?

We have seen various smartphones coming up with a different type of notches, sliding mechanism or with a hole in the display to place the front camera so that the users can take selfies. Phones in the coming days with all these camera placements will become past. The next trend in the smartphone market will be a phone with under display camera.

Companies are working very hard towards hiding the front camera and give their customers a seamless experience with a full-screen display. Various reports suggest that Samsung is working on a solution for a long time. Xiaomi and Oppo also released a video showing that they are also working on the under-display camera tech.

Video showing Xiaomi under display camera tech

Companies got success in hiding all of the barriers that came into providing a full-screen display, be it various important sensors or the earpiece, but failed to hide the camera. Samsung, for example, is able to hide all the sensors like proximity sensor, light sensor and even fingerprint sensor in the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. Samsung again is able to remove the earpiece in Galaxy M40, the sound is delivered from under the display. But the camera is still there in the form of a hole in the display.

How under display camera tech works? What problem does it face till now?

The under display camera tech is currently possible in phones with OLED displays only. Because of the nature of these displays. What a camera required for capturing an image is, light. OLED displays are transparent, and the light can pass through these. A good amount of light should be passed through the sensor to capture good images. So, by putting the camera under the display, it can be possible. When an image is captured, certain pixels of the screen can be turned off, making the screen transparent. And the light can easily pass through it.

However, the main problem exists is with displays, OLED panels are not completely transparent, so the required amount of light cannot be passed through the screen. This could result in blurry photos with haze, glare and the photos are not as sharp as the current cameras.

The technology used in the optical fingerprint reader is also the same. The image requires to be high enough quality to identify the ridges and valleys of your fingertip. However, for selfies and videos, the demand for image quality will be higher and we wonder how the image quality can be improved when the camera has obstruction of pixels in an OLED panel.

How Oppo is able to achieve this?

Oppo recently unveils world’s first under display camera at MWC Shanghai. Alongside it, the company also revealed some information about how this tech actually works.

Oppo uses a custom transparent material that works with custom designed pixel structure that allows the light to pass through the camera. The camera used under it has a larger sensor compared to a normal camera. It also has a wider aperture so that the camera can intake more light. The display area covering the area will still have touch support. And if you are worried about the display quality, Oppo says that there will be no compromise with the quality of the display.

Oppo also acknowledges that putting the camera under the display will degrade the image quality captured by the camera. The problem the image can face could be haze, glare and colour cast. To overcome these issues company claims that they developed algorithms which are tuned with the hardware and is able to capture good quality images.

Xiaomi explains how its under screen camera works

Though Xiaomi did not showcase any real device with under display camera yet. But Company’s Senior VP Wang Xiang explains how this technology works. He shared some slides in a tweet.

Xiaomi is working on a custom display which features a small transparent area in the display. This area is made up of low reflective material and high transmittance. This allows the light to pass through the camera. When the camera is ON that area in the display become inactive and becomes transparent, allowing the camera to capture the image. That particular area which is off acts as a lens for the camera. When not in camera mode, the transparent display act as a normal display showing the full content of the display.

Phones we can expect with Under Display Camera in Future

Companies are working really hard on putting the camera under the display of the phone. Oppo says it plans to launch a phone with under display camera “in the near future”. We also expect Xiaomi could launch a phone very soon with this tech. Honor President George Zhao also confirmed in an interview with CNMO that the company is working on under display camera of its own. Many reports say that Samsung is also working on it and we could expect a phone with under display camera soon.

When the under display camera phones will start coming into the market, then today’s phones with the notch and moving mechanism will become past. What do you think about this technology and how can it change the future of smartphones, tell us in the comments section below.

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