How to Setup Auto-deletion of your Google activity data

setup auto deletion of google activity data
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You may be knowing that Google collects your data of what you are searching on Google, your locations, the videos you watched on YouTube and other activities that use Google Services. The data is stored on your Google Account. This data helps the marketers in better targeting you with ads. You may not want Google to store your data for long because of privacy issues. While there is an option to manually delete your Google Activity data, but most of us do not remember that. Because of this users should have an option of auto-deletion of Google Activity Data, by which the data will be deleted automatically after a certain time period.

Google wants to reassure that your data can be controlled by you. Because of this Google now lets its users’ set-up auto-deletion of their data. This feature was launched earlier in June 2019 where you can set up auto-delete of your Web and App Activity and Location History. Now you can also do this with your YouTube Activity. The company is providing an option to delete your data which is 3 months old, 18 months old or you can also set it up to delete manually.

How to Setup Auto-deletion of your Google Activity data

Here are the steps to follow to set up auto-deletion of your Google Activity data. These steps include the auto-delete setup of Web and App Activity and YouTube Activity.

  1. Go to Google My Activity page

    First of all, you have to go to Google My Activity page by clicking here. You need to sign in to open your activities. You will find the page like in the image below.

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  2. Go to Activity Controls

    Now click on Activity Controls on the left side of the page in the sidebar. Here, you will see various types of activities like Web & App Activity, Location History and YouTube History.

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  3. Click on Manage Activity under Web & App Activity

    Now to set up auto-deletion of web & app activity, you need to click on manage activity under Web & App Activity. As shown in the image below.

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  4. Click on 'Choose how long to keep' and select your preference

    Now, you are on the Web & Activity page. Here you can see all your activity data, and can also delete it. To setup auto-deletion click on 'Choose how long to keep' and select your preference of how long you want to keep the data with Google. If you want to delete the data manually choose 'Keep until I delete manually' if you want that data should be deleted automatically in 18 months then select 'Keep for 18 months', or for 3 months then click on 'Keep for 3 months'. Here, in this image, I have selected to delete data automatically in 3 months. Then click on 'Next' and click 'Got it'.

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  5. Click on Manage Activity under YouTube Activity on Activity Control Page

    After setting up auto-deletion of Web & Activity Data, now its time to set up for YouTube Activity. For this again go to Activity Controls page and click on Manage Activity under YouTube History.

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  6. Click on 'Choose to delete automatically' and choose your preference

    On the YouTube History page, click on 'Choose to delete automatically' and choose your preference of auto-deletion of your YouTube Activity. Then click on 'Next' and then click on 'Got it'. In the image, I have selected to auto-delete my data in 3 months.

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Google gives more control over the privacy

Google now understands that its users require more control over privacy. That’s why it is giving these options to its users. Thanks to Google that it is providing these services to its users. Because companies like Facebook and Twitter still does not provide any easy solution to delete the data. The data is buried deep down and it is hard to find it by the users. It is a great step by Google and I appreciate it. What do you think of the new privacy options by Google? Tell us in the comments down below.

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