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How to install Call of Duty Mobile in any Android Phone

Call of Duty Mobile developers started closed beta access recently in India, and I really liked the game. It has amazing graphics and gameplay experience. However, the developers of the game give access to some people at a time. Some users who pre-register for this game may have equal chances of not getting access in the Play Store. However, if you want to play Call of Duty Mobile right now, you can do it easily by performing some steps. In this guide, I will give you step by step instructions on how to install Call of Duty Mobile in any Android Phone.

Install Call of Duty Mobile in any Android Phone

Here are the steps to follow to install Call of Duty Mobile in any Android Phone. It is a very easy task. I have explained every step in detail. Follow these steps carefully and I am sure you will be able to play the game right now.

  1. Download required APK and OBB files

    First up, you need to download the files which are required to install the game. You need to download the APK file and OBB (data) file.
    For the APK file head over to this link and download Call of Duty Mobile APK from APK Mirror.
    Now you need to download OBB file which is a data file needs to run the game, to download head over to this link.

  2. Unzip downloaded OBB file

    After you have successfully downloaded OBB file, extract it using some zip extractor. You can use any file manager like Solid Explorer or can use any other app. Extract the file in the Android/OBB folder. There, the folder with the name ‘com.activision.callofduty.shooter’ will be extracted.

  3. Install the APK file

    After extracting the OBB file, go on and install the APK file you have downloaded in the Step-1.

  4. Play the game

    Now, you have successfully installed Call of duty Mobile in your Android Phone. Run the game. During the first run, it will take some time to load, as it will check the necessary files to run the game. After loading you can log in through Facebook account or play as a guest.

If the game is not yet available in your country, you can use a VPN. You can download any VPN app available in the Play Store and connect as India. Because the game’s beta version is available in India. You will be able to play the game.

Play Call of Duty Mobile right now

You can now start playing COD on your Android phone. The game is in beta, so, you may face some issues during the gameplay. Some times it may show Connection error problem and the servers can also get disconnected because of maintenance. So be patient, and enjoy the game. There are two game modes available out of three at the time of writing this article. Till now I found this game amazing. I really like the game. Tell me about your experience and any problem you have faced during the installation process in the comments below. I will try to solve your problem.

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Note: The game is in beta mode, and you may face some problems while playing the game like connection error. The company has also disclosed that, once the game will be out of beta, all of the data will be erased. That means the guns and levels you have unlocked all will be erased once the game is out of beta.

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