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Android Q beta update – Here are the best features

Like every year Google gives early access to Android enthusiasts at the new features coming in the next Android update. It just released the official beta build of the new Android Q. So, let’s see the best features which are released with this update and what changes Google made with this update.

Android Q update does not come with any greater changes over Android Pie but there are some significant changes which are welcomed. As this is the first beta build of the Android Q, all the new features are not part of these. All the new features will be introduced in Google I/O which will be held in May. So, features will be updated with every beta update. These updates are basically, for the developers who can build and test their app in the new Android.

The update is released for the following phones:

  • Pixel
  • Pixel XL
  • Pixel 2
  • Pixel 2 XL
  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3 XL

New Android Q features

These are the new features that are released along with the Android Q developer preview:

  1. Improved Privacy Protection

    With the new update, Google improved its privacy protection, by giving users more control over the permission required by the apps. It also introduces locking down the camera/mic background access, apps require permission while using sensitive resources. With this feature, the clipboard apps will also not work in the background. Android Q also tries to enhance the user experience by blocking the interruptions by the apps in the background.

  2. More Control Over Location

    With the new privacy protection features, the new update also changes the permission related to the location. Earlier when you give the location access to any app it will be asked just once and then it will never bee asked. In Android Q new permissions are added related to the location access.

    android q location
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    In Android Pie, you got only two option for the location access i.e. ‘Allow all the time’ and ‘Deny’ but with Android Q you will get an extra option ‘Allow only while the app is in use’, which will limit the app to access location only when the app is opened and it cannot get your location in background.
  3. Dark Mode

    Finally, the much-awaited feature of system-wide dark mode is here. But it is not a feature in this version because you will not get any option to change the UI to dark mode. But it can be accessed when you enable the battery saver mode. When you enable battery saving in the Android Q, the whole UI will be in dark mode.

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    Source: Beebom
  4. Introduction to themes

    With Android Q update Google introduced a new feature of themes. The feature will not have enough options, but still, we welcome this feature. You can change the theme of your phone by going into “Settings -> System -> Advanced -> Developer options”. There you will find a new theming option in you can change the Accent Colour in which three options are available right now, you can also change the font, currently, only two fonts are available and the third one is icon shape, which is also available in Android Pie.

  5. Native Screen Recorder

    In this Android update, a Native Screen Recorder may finally come to stock android. Android Q has a screen recorder but it still appears to be in development mode as the UI is not good. But the possibility to have the native screen recorder is quite high when the final version of the new Android version is released.

  6. Fast Sharing Pane

    Sharing pane is always a slow part of Android, when you click on share it takes some time to load the sharing pane. But with the new Android Q update, the sharing pane has become snappier than the current android version which is Android Pie.

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    Android Q let users jump directly to another app to share content and the process will be very fast when compared to the current Android version.
  7. Easily Connect Wifi

    Connecting to wifi in Android Q has gone easier. With the new update, it brings a feature called ‘Easy Connect’ which let users connect and fast sharing of the internet. With ‘Easy Connect’ you can share your WiFi connection to friends by a QR Code. They will scan the QR code and they will be also connected to the same connection. It also helps users to connect their phones by scanning the QR Code.

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    Google also added a feature of ‘random MAC address’, which will help users to hide the original MAC address to others and this feature is enabled by default.

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